Many businesses have been forced to close their offices during the Coronavirus Pandemic. It has become a priority to enable your workforce to be productive remotely. Few organizations were prepared for the impact to their business under these circumstances. Even fewer made provisions to allow their staff to keep their sales & support teams connected to each other.

Allowing your team to communicate in real time is critical to continuing your operations. Many businesses are turning to online meeting tools, which solve only a part of the problem but are really focused on short lived meetings with no history or continuity. At Shortcut Solutions, we’ve developed collaboration suite to address this and other essential problems with operating your business.

Zulip for Business Collaboration

Among our tools is Zulip, a tool for real time collaboration through chat, video conferencing, file attachments, and more.

  • Unlike alternatives like Zoom and GoToMeeting, our tool is focused on giving you highly organized simultaneous discussions with powerful search, channels, private messaging, an API for receiving external events, and great video conferencing.
  • Easily create channels for your staff to collaborate on different topics, while your managers can stay focused on high level briefings and communications.
  • Very powerful security, utilizing encryption at every step and secure peer-to-peer technology to prevent outsiders sniffing.
  • Unlike many alternatives, your data is never shared with or sold to third parties, used for advertising purposes, or otherwise used by anyone outside your company.

Zulip Real Time Chat Dashboard

Zulip - Most Productive Chat Application for Group or Team Chat


Zulip can be used directly from your desktop browser and has a great free mobile app for Android and iOS devices. This allows you and your employees to stay productive no matter where they are.


We’re offering this capability as part of our “Work From Home” suite, along with other essential tools for streamlining your business workflow. Contact us with any questions you may have!