Remote Work From Home

Offering a one-stop remote working bundle, for wherever you are – starting: $59/mo teams up to 20

Enjoy all of these productivity tools in one place, Work remotely and get the job done no matter where you’re working from.  Fully supported & No Software Installs to worry about !

Team Messaging – Shared Calendars – Project Mgmt – Ticketing

remote work from home

Included in the Work-From-Home Bundle

All apps protect your privacy and enable security. Your data will never be
shared or used for any other purpose.

#1 Zulip: Team Communications Made Easy

No need to bang your head against wall trying to decide how to make this work from home.  We’ve figured it out for your entire team!

Stop Emailing and Enjoy chatting securely with your employees and managers in Streams. Streams help you stay in touch, keep projects moving and update status. You can speak to everybody at once or individually with only a single click. Video conferencing and Shared desktop feature is already integrated into your setup. Instant internal communications + free Zulip Mobile App.

One of the  best alternatives to Slack in 2020!  Great for Remote workers, Video and Real-time chat needs, Group Discussions.

Team Chat Zulip Communication
File sharing Audio Video chat Nextcloud

#2 NextCloud: Team Collaboration Hub

NextCloud is for online collaboration without all the compliance and security risks.  It enables encrypted file sharing, calendaring, contact lists, and web-based email  (via IMAP) with most mail providers. 

  •  Secure Password Manager
  •  Organization Calendar (Shareable)
  •  Encrypted FileManager share with a click of a link or by email.
  •  Contacts Manager
  •  Web-Mail Interface (Desktop/Mobile)

#3 OSticket: Team Support Desk Portal

Do any work from home Help desk support job with our  fully featured ticketing system. Customers email your support and everyone gets a notification. You can assign tickets to any agent on your team, resolve/close trouble tickets, and never miss another client help desk issue.

Emails can also be submitted via email or through a customizable web form, with notifications and advanced features to make sure your customers get problems solved faster & efficiently! Includes stats and reminders.

 Features with OSticket include:

  • Ticket Filters.
  • Rules to route incoming tickets.
  • Configurable help topic.
  • Agent Collision Avoidance.
  • Assign and Transfer tickets.
  • Configurable automatic reply.
  • Internal notes to tickets.


Help Desk Ticket System Real Time
Free Project Management Software

#4 OpenProject: Team Project Management

Full lifecycle project management suite with project planning,
scheduling, and workflows. Assign and work tasks, log time, review GANTT
charts, and more with an easy to use web based interface.

 Features with OSticket include:

    • Project planning and scheduling.
    • Task management.
    • Team collaboration.
    • Agile and Scrum.
    • Bug tracking.
    • Time tracking, cost reporting and budgeting.