Shortcut Solutions Managed Web Services

A truly local web hosting and digital marketing company, which means you will benefit from easy access to our staff as well as a more reliable relationship in St Louis. Helping you find your way is a lot easier face to face.

We support all counties of the St. Louis & St. Charles Mo areas and regularly consult with small businesses as far south as Springfield Mo. 

Our specialties are website design, web development (after design), graphics design and brand development, SEO analysis and social media marketing for small businesses.We only build responsive web sites. 

About Web Design Services

These sites look great on any device, from the latest 4K HD monitors to the smallest mobile phones. Responsive sites focus on not just looking great, but being highly usable no matter how you’re viewing them.

Mobile devices have long surpassed PCs in Internet searches, but many businesses fail to take them seriously. Simply allowing your desktop site to shrink down just doesn’t cut it. Search engines like Google can tell the difference between a truly mobile friendly site and one that isn’t, and will rate those mobile friendly sites much higher in search results. A mobile friendly site will respect that touch screens require bigger buttons, screen area is limited, and mobile data is slower and more expensive.

A great responsive website follows the idea of being mobile first. Your important features and functionality should all be built to be wonderful on the smallest screens, and then use Progressive Enhancement to larger or less critical elements as screen sizes increase.